FetishCon And Florida

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purchase accutane I unfortunetly ended up having to skip BBWCon. Financially, it wasn’t a smart idea. Personal life also got in a way. I’m sad about it but I’ll try my best to be there next year. If I do, let’s have fun though. However, I did get to go to FetishCon last week!

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Florida is always an amazing trip. I love everything about it. But in particular for this trip, Fetishcon is one of my favorite reasons to travel there. It’s just such an amazing time. There are so many beautiful and open people. It’s just such a blast to be around all of them. This round I ended up rooming with the lovely Camille Black. That girl is so gorgeous in every way possible. I felt blessed that we ended up in contact with each other about sharing a room. I couldn’t have imagined a better roommate. Can you imagine rooming with such a gorgeous girl?

I didn’t do any shooting for my store this time. I plan on making another another trip sometime soon. However, I got some pretty awesome hot material for another webpage project I have going.  I am working on a XXX webpage focusing on cosplay. You can find it here at CosplayAdventures.com. I am absolutely in love with the project. I have amazing coworkers. I’ve worked with beautiful woman for it so far. I plan on working with more soon. We’re hoping for a January release.


The first shoot we have done was at Fetishcon. We shot with the gorgeous Raquel Roper and Russell Grand. The shoot was ridiculously hot. 14101813_1113274192044142_384312729_n I mean who doesn’t want to see Sailor Mars forcing a thief to fuck her. I know I do. They did such an amazing job. This webpage is going to come out beautifully.


I also was lucky enough to work with Camille Black and Gia Love as well. The hottest Captain America and Raven scene that could even be imagined to exist was shot. Oh god it was so incredibly hot. The chemistry between the two is amazing. And you know its a good scene when Camille couldn’t walk after. I can’t give them enough props. I also got a wonderful shoot of Harley getting fucked anally and another featuring Raven getting slammed into.14137905_1113274198710808_980082412_n I can’t wait to show off this webpage. I feel so blessed to have found people to make such beautiful content for.


Speaking of Camille, she recently made a twitter/snapchat rant about the community within the industry. I can’t help but agree with her. There is a lot of inner drama within the people who work as part of the industry. There’s a lot of gossip. A lot of this person did this. This person did that. It gets really frustrating real fast. There are people who are upset with me and refuse to work with me because I worked with one person. I know people who worked with another studio have recieved a bad reputation for doing so. This community out of all communities should know better. This community where we are all so badly stigmatized for being part of it should act better. We’re in this together. End discrimination. Don’t associate people for who they work with. Don’t talk shit about other people. I hope some day I get to witness that. It would be a beautiful time. It would make it so much easier to release our self from the stigma involving sex work if we didn’t look like such a mess within.