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Source Hi! I have openings for submissives/pets! I am looking for submissives who are priviledged enough to do 1 or more specific tasks for me! Male or Females will be accepted. Unless otherwise stated, an in person interview will be required for all positions! You will work mainly around my schedule for interviews and service to me.

view it now The following are tasks in which I am looking for submissives for.

1. On Video Fetish-
I am looking for submissives and bottoms willing to appear on camera for me. You must be willing to participate in a variety of fetishes. The more the merrier. These include but are not limited to feet worshiping, squashing, facesitting, ball busting, and impact play. You must be comfortable on camera and willing to show your face. You must be willing to work with other female talent as I please. I am not looking for any switches for this position.

2. On Video XXX –
I am looking for male and female XXX talent. You must be fully STD tested within 30 days. You must be able to perform on camera. Your face will be shown. I am open to switches for this position.

3. Cameraman –
I am looking for talented cameramen (or women) to help with video recording and editing. You must be able to provide references to your work. Email me at with references to be considered for this position.

4. Promotion –
I am looking for loyal and devoted followers to tweet, reblog, and otherwise promote me. You will ask people to follow and support me in my endeavors, You will actively seek out pirated content and report it. If a certain level of trust is gained, you may earn the right to post directly from my twitter and help run my blog. An in person interview is not needed for this position.

5. Domestic Pet –
I am looking for a submissive to help with domestic errands and chores. Your duties will include running my errands such as shopping and doing housework. Occasionally if desired I may ask for your services as a playpartner. This is not a live in position. You will be required to be at my service at least once a week or more.

6. Financial –
I am looking for pay pigs to spoil me. I have many expenses that I would love for you to cover. You would be given the priviledge of knowing that you are making me very happy by spending your money on me. Those visiting or living in Austin TX should be willing to take me out to dinner and drinks. An in person interview is not needed for this position

If interested in serving me, you can fill out the application below.  Your application should include your REAL name (and a stage name if interested in appearing on camera), a phone number, your birthdate, and you must either have a real photo of you on your profile or be willing to email me a recent photo. Include any experience you have that may be able to help. Do not send multiple messages. Only people who spoil me or people who’s skills meet what I need will recieve a response.